• 1998

    The First Camera

    Starting with an Olympus film camera, Sara photographed most of the Costa Del Sol 1998 – 2003. Whilst in Calella Costa Brava one trip was supposed to result in Dolphins diving out of the water and actually resulted in 32 images of blue mist with the odd tail sticking out. The learning process had begun..

  • 2005

    Falling into Modelling

    After starting a career in recruitment, Sara was asked by the magazine next door if she could be a hand model holding Sim Cards for a story they were publishing. The photographer kept her details and a phone call was received a few weeks later for another request.

  • 2008

    Fashion Modelling

    Sara travelled all over the country doing modelling contracts with one editorial magazine before moving into fashion modelling for high street brands and clothing brands such as Levi Jeans and New Look Autumn ranges. Sara also did fashion modelling for online ecommerce businesses operating across Ebay.

  • 2010

    Make Up Modelling

    By 2010 Sara had returned to Birmingham and restarted a career back in recruitment. She still did modelling and secured contracts for various different make up brands.

  • 2012

    Wedding Dress Modelling

    2012 was the year of the wedding dresses. A total of 12 shoots across the country modelling a variety of Bridal and Bridesmaid wedding dresses for magazines and shop windows.  

  • 2013

    Back behind the Camera

    After being in front of the camera for 8 years Sara decided to get back behind the camera and set out with a Cannon SLR. She began taking pictures of everything and anything, although mainly ducks, and blurry ducks at that… this was different to the Olympus film she initially learnt with.

  • 2014

    SS Creative was born

    By 2014, having upgraded her camera, Sara was so frustrated at trying to find a local studio that had affordable prices and more than a standard infinity wall that she went in search of her own. With a plan to hire the space to other photographers and learn amongst the photography community, Sara’s Studio was found, now known as SS Creative.

  • 2015

    Juggling renovation & photography

    Whilst renovating the studio (as per video above) Sara was still finding the time to get behind the camera Photographing landscapes, new born babies, family shoots and Weddings. With the odd modelling contract thrown in Sara started to work more with the hobbyist photographers which allowed for far more creativity than the high street fashion modelling.

  • 2016

    Full swing

    First full year in business with the doors open to the photography community. Welcoming over 100 photographers into the studio within the first 9 months of opening (Check out the regular photographers’ work in the Shoots Section of the website). The studio continues to be renovated with new backdrops, new sets on the horizon and new lighting equipment coming soon.

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