Date of Shoot : February 12th, 2017

Published on : February 12th, 2017

The Roaring 1920's Group Shoot at SS Creative Photography.

Angelika Kastelik , Davinax Miller , Sara Warilow , Dan Newby , Darren Dean , Karren Smalley , Paul Seds , Tim Wardle , Juliana Ratcliff ,
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We decided to take a step back in time and jump into the 1920’s. These fantastic images could not have been achieved without the efforts of everyone involved. With the wonderful Juliana Ratcliff on hand to provide Make up and Hair Styling the theme was perfected and directed to professional level. Our fantastic models Davina and Angelika sourced high and low to find props and frocks to pull off the true authentic 1920’s style. Sara decided to have a go at building a Moulin Rouge Boudoir set, cleaning out the studio and pulling faces at the camera once in a while. Our outstanding photographers (Tim, Karen, Dan, Darren and Paul) worked effortlessly with each other to gain the perfect shots. Not forgetting Dan the man for taking on the role of lighting master.

A big thanks to all and we hope you enjoy the images.

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Model at SS Creative SS Creative Birmingham Photography Studio
View The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

West Midlands Photography group at SS Creative Birmingham Photography Studio
View West Midlands Photography Group – Horror

West Midlands Photography Group – Horror

Model at SS Creative Birmingham Photography Studio
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Rocket Cottage Photography