Date of Shoot : February 14th, 2017

Published on : February 14th, 2017

When he's not traveling between Southampton and Scotland shooting events and weddings, he can be found in the SS Creative Studio shooting away.

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One of our new regular photographers is a chap we like to call Dan the Man. Mainly due to him being a great photographer but also a caring helping hand in the studio with a drill and a hammer. 🙂 Dan has been a part time photographer for the best part of 4 years and works with a variety of models in the studio as well as photographing weddings and events. He is a perfectionist, oh yes, he takes his time to get the lighting just right and just as much care in the processing stages. His moto “quality over quantity” results in selections of awesome images.



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Model at SS Creative Photography Birmingham based industrial photography studio
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Gary Allkins

Sara Warrilow Photographer in Birmingham Industrial Photography Studio
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Sara Warrilow

Model at SS Creative Birmingham Photography Studio
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Shaker Maker

Model at SS Creative SS Creative Birmingham Photography Studio
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Raj Gola Photography