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Dan Newby

When he's not traveling between Southampton and Scotland shooting events and weddings, he can be found in the SS Creative Studio shooting away.

Raj Gola Photography

One of the SS Studio's regular faces is the wonderfully talented Raj Gola. This cheeky chapy always rocks up with a smile on his face and produces outstanding images.

West Midlands Photography Group – Horror

The West Midlands Photography group is for photographers of all levels from novice to pro. They meet on a regular basis for sociable portrait photography sessions with professional models in Birmingham or elsewhere in the West Midlands.

John Duder

John has been a keen photographer since his teens, and now aims to help new models develop their portfolios whilst trying new techniques and producing images like no other photographer. He is one of the rare photographers who still uses a film camera from time to time, he describes it as going back to your favourite restaurant after being on a diet.

Shaker Maker

We have never actually found out why he is called the Shaker Maker but we usually call him Paul anyway. Paul is a Birmingham based photographer with over 6 years behind the camera producing amazing images.

Jay Jewell

Models : Heather Rose ,
Photographers : Jay Jewell ,
Make up Artists Jennifer Sanders ,

Jay is actually from Gloucestershire and makes the journey up the M5 to the SS Creative Studio in Birmingham. This is one photographer on a mission with 20+ theme boards he is currently ploughing through.

Michael MFT

Mick is a beginner hobbyist photographer with so much enthusiasm it's infectious. Mick produces some amazing images and he is patient to keep going until he gets the shot. As an accomplished drawer it's now interesting to watch Mick accomplish another art form and master photography.


Models : Jordann , Laura K , Sara Warrilow ,
Photographers : Marchog ,

Marchog, also known as Trevor, is actually based up in Cheshire and has made the journey down to Birmingham on a number of occasions to shoot in the SS Creative Studio.

Peter Cripps

Peter is a portrait and travel photographer from Solihull, near Birmingham, in the West Midlands. He offers a personal and customised service for creating portraits and portfolios providing images as digital media, framed prints or photography books and albums, all at competitive prices.


Jarv is actually a professional drummer and music teacher but he has been doing photography for a fair few years as a hobbyist photographer. He always shoots with his beanie hat on, his can of energy drink and some good background music.

Gary Allkins

Gary is a West Midlands based photographer who we like to call The Gazbo. Gary comes with over a decade of experience and more equipment than the London Camera Exchange but more importantly, he comes with a fab sense of humour and it's a joy to have him the in the SS Creative Studio.

Rob Wardle

Rob is a serious hobbyist photographer who loves working with models to create beautiful images. He's been taking photos for several years and previously focused on landscapes and weddings. However, last year he discovered the pleasure of working with models and now he's hooked

John Shaw

John Shaw is an established club photographer and recently took up studio photography as a new challenge. One of our most regular customers he is organised, specific and fun to shoot with.


Johnathon is a very talented photographer boasting over 20 years experience. Starting out with film, these days he photographs purely for pleasure and he's always experimenting with new techniques. Johnathon is one of our welcomed regulars in the SS Creative Studio.

Canon, Nikon, Sony… We welcome you all

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